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فيسبوك تويتر يوتيوب قوقل بلص انستقرام
الجمعة : 18 اكتوبر 2019
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The admission of the students should be completed for the first semester in the first year after fulfilling the limited conditions of admission according to the regulation of admission to the institutions of higher education that issued from the national council of the higher education and scientific research. .

Conditions of Admission

a-Success in the Sudanese certificate or its equivalent .
b-Applying should be confined to the Sudanese certificate of the current year.
c-Admission should be completed by percentage that calculates from four subject include ( Arabic language – English Language – Religion – Basic or Specialized Mathematics ) adding to it three from the subjects that qualifying for admission. .

The System of Study

The system of study is the closed system of study and the courses are taught according to the semester system . The academic year includes two semesters each of them fifteen weeks of study and the sixteenth week is specialized for examinations of the end of the semester whereas the courses are calculated according to the documented hours.

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