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الجمعة : 18 اكتوبر 2019
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Historical Background about the University

Gadarif University is one of the scientific minarets that rose in the sky of Sudan after the explosion of the higher education revolution . It is a castle for knowledge, research, study and excellence . Its brightness never extinguishes and its flame that the state decorated by. It became its hope wish and shining dawn .Gadarif University was founded in the year 1994 and after the coming out of the construction, it worked hard for achieving the exalted aims in the framework of the general policies of the country and the programmes that are issued by the national council for higher education and scientific research .The university offers service to Gadarif State in particular and Sudan in general. It worked for exploding the resources of the state intellectually, Culturally, economically and socially. It also took care of the environment in Gadarif and worked for qualifying the capable cadre who helps in promoting and solving its issues through caring and concentrating on the human and intellectual development . According to its geographical location, the university has become a scientific arm for the executive system in the state.

Social Role of the University in Gadarif State

Before the coming of higher education revolution, the role of the university was restricted in graduating qualified cadres for leading the excellence and the scientific research. After the breaking of the higher education revolution a third role was added because a lot of the universities were founded in places far away from the capital, therefore a third role was added to be done by the universities to serve the society as one of the required roles. We are able to say Gadarif university plays an important and vital role through the health caravans around the city of Gadarif and its different rural areas. There are programmes for rural residence to the students of the faculty of medicine . Through this progamme ,they offer a good service in different rural areas as well as the city of Gadarif. There are also excellent services offering by the university for the society via the faculty of Agriculture, and as known for everyone that Gadarif state is an agricultural state which Sudan mainly depends upon in a high percentage for exporting some crucial crops . The university established some specialized centres for the sake of taking care over agricultural side to contribute for improving the agriculture in the state in large scales. The university plays great roles to offer many service through the faculty of community development which was founded for the service of Gadarif state community at all its levels.

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