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The Senate

It forms from the following.

Vice Chancellor Chairmanًً
Dupty Vice Chancellor member
Vice Rector member
Deans of the colleges, schools and the Dean of students Affairs. members
Librarian member
The directors of the Institutes and Centres members
The heads of the Departments and Training Units members
All the staff of the university in the rank of professor members
One representative for all schools, institutes and which have no departments for each seven members from its staff of teaching member
Two members represent the students and they are chosen by the students' union and the dean of the academic affairs members
The dean of the academic affairs member
The senior of the deans members

The Duties of the University Senate
In addition to any duties or authorities mentioned in this law, the university senate has duties and authorities include the following.
presenting suggestions for the university senate to put conditions and regulations for the requiring qualifications to the admission of the students for the university studies .
The general organization for the programmes of study at the university and the examinations which hold according to the rules of the basic regulations.
Making organizing plans to colleges, schools, institutes, centres, departments and training units and modifying and reviewing them and limit the subjects that are taught in all units mentioned previously .It also presens reports to the university senate for the necessity of constructing any new college , school, institute, centre , department or training unit or the necessity for canceling any of them or amalgamating or dividing it .

Awarding the degrees for the students who completed successfully the studies that the regulation approved .

Awarding honorary degrees and scientific rewards for those who are considered worthy of them and this is according to the rules of regulations for giving the title of distinguished professor.
Presenting a report for the university senate to any issue directs to it.
Encouraging the scientific researches , authorship, publishing and their promotion

Permitting the Additional Studies Programmes.

The university senate issues the necessary regulations for doing its deeds and practicing its authorities that awarding to it according to the rules of this law and is doing with regulations when the chairman of the university senate signs to them unless there will be any subsequently date .
University Senate meetings:
The university senate meets at least once in each semester in the times and places that are approved by its chairman and he has the right for inviting the university senate at any time to any urgent meeting.

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