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فيسبوك تويتر يوتيوب قوقل بلص انستقرام
الجمعة : 18 اكتوبر 2019
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About Gadarif State

Gadarif State is one of the eastern states . It occupies the southern part of this area. It lies between ( 27 – 330 and 36 – 360 longitude ) and (36 -120 and 54 -150 latitude) .It is about 71,000 square km in area. It equals about 17 millions acre and shares borders with four states (Khartoum, Gezira, Sennar and Kassala) . It also shares borders with two neighbouring countries (Ethiopia and Eretria). Gadarif city is the capital of Gadarif state and lies approximately in the middle of the state . It includes large parts of high and sloping eastern areas of the central flat muddy plains of Sudan which are surround by separated and high mountains . These areas excelled at their heavy rain and the existence of savanna plants in the southern parts and the dry plants in the north. These plains are exploited for rainy and irrigated agriculture to grow (sorghum , sesame, millet , cotton and sunflower). A lot of cattle graze in these plains such as camels, sheep, goats and cows.. Gadarif State considers to have an important national and regional strategic location . It is also an active and secured crossing for the movement of the locally and regionally commerce and commodities. A lot of different grazing tribes have settled in the state since ancient time and now they became practicing agriculture besides breeding animal.Therefore a lot of inhabited villages and urban areas emerged which led to the activity of commerce as well as the exchange of commodities. A large parts of the state are linked by a lot of paved and non paved roads . A continental road crosses the state as well as the railway line which links Khartoum and Port Sudan,

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