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فيسبوك تويتر يوتيوب قوقل بلص انستقرام
الجمعة : 18 اكتوبر 2019
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Vision,Mission And Objectives of Gadarif University

Reaching to the highest excellence of scientific and technical degrees and its continuation in the fields of research, teaching, development and improvement of the society
The participation in achieving excellence in the economic and social fields for the Sudanese in general and urban and rural societies with the importance of the society and Gadarif State in particular This happens through the following :
1/ Preparing and qualifying excellent graduate students ethically and professionally in various fields in ( Health Sciences – Economic Sciences - Human Sciences).
2/ Increasing the preparation of the basic scientific and applied researches that contribute in solving problems that face a lot of institutions in the State. .
3/ Offering the distinguished service for the society of the State in a lot of the applied or consultation fields .
1/Qualifying and graduating human cadre in the fields of Medicine, Health Sciences, Agriculture, Economics, Islamic and Quran (Religious) Sciences, Computer Science , Education and the Development of the society at the level of bachelor's degree, Master's degree (MA-MSc) and Doctorate (PhD).
2/ Promoting, improving and developing the health and science fields for the person of the state
3/ Developing and improving the agricultural product for both plants and animals (fauna& flora) and raising the abilities of the farmers.
4/ Making differences and upgrading in the fields of education for the person of the State through training and qualifying the teachers.
5/ Working for raising awareness in all the fields of applied and human sciences through doing training courses for all sectors of society( formal & popular).
6/The university awards high and medium Diplomas, Bachelor' degree, Master's degree(MA – MSc) and Doctorate (PhD) in the level of Economics, Medicine, Agriculture, Education, Computer Sciences and High Nursing. .

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